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Wednesday 8 November 2017 Episode 2698 Puleng finally realizes that her marriage to Mam Mothibi has to be consummated – but not with her. Thursday 9 November 2017 Episode 2699 Puleng is drawn deeper into Wiseman’s web even as Lufuno tries to warn her. Friday 10 November 2017 Episode 2700 Lufuno tells Puleng what happened to Mam Mothibi’s first wife. Thursday 16 November 2017 Episode 2704 David and Andiswa return from Vegas.

The lobola uncles fix a date and Lerato finally cracks. Wednesday 15 November 2017 Episode 2703 Mampho tries to expose Genesis on air. Bongi’s new business partner is much more familiar than she would like. Friday 17 November 2017 Episode 2705 Lufuno and Puleng are caught out. Cuba is told she might never see her grandchild again. Tuesday 21 November 2017 Episode 2707 Ntombizodwa tries to help Puleng and Pulengrealises Lufuno’s warnings are true. Wednesday 22 November 2017 Episode 2708 Puleng and Lufuno plot to escape – but then Mam Mothibi intervenes, with tragic results.

Around the end of the war Lucas designed a fuel injection system for the Merlin aero engine (Probably its tank version, the Meteor and later tanks e.g.

the Centurion, had Lucas fuel injection instead of a large Zenith carburettor.) It was not a direct fuel injection such as was fitted to German Daimler Benz aero engines of World War 2 as this would have had lost the effect of charge cooling.

The post-war cars were powered by versions of the B60 and B80, but a major application of these engines was, and is, powering military combat vehicles. This led to developing a special cylinder head with individual instead of twinned exhaust ports, and also to Lucas developing the fuel injection system in place of the normal carburettors.

One particular application of a B range engine was a post-war German light tank. In finality the tank was not proceeded with, but the fuel system was employed in racing and found its way into certain production Triumph models.

Friday 3 November 2017 Episode 2695 Mam Mothibi gives Puleng a shocking new instruction.

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* Monday 27 November 2017 Episode 2711 Gail and Andiswa take off the gloves, while Puleng’s situation grows more desperate. Wednesday 29 November 2017 Episode 2713 Puleng is welcomed back into the fold but given another test. Monday 13 November 2017 Episode 2701 A difficult uncle arrives to cause havoc in the lobola negotiations. Tuesday 14 November 2017 Episode 2702 Mam Mothibi tells Puleng she wants more children. Monday 20 November 2017 Episode 2706 Mam Mothibi plays cat and mouse with Puleng. Andiswa prepares herself for David’s big announcement. Thursday 23 November 2017 Episode 2709 Stone is forced to kick Sello out.Puleng is trapped in her own house for Lufuno’s morbid funeral.Thursday 2 November 2017 Episode 2694 Wiseman starts to move in on Puleng and Cuba and Suffo learns the bad news.Bongi’s schemes go to the next level and Fats gets the wrong end of the stick.

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