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The gearbox seems pretty crisp, maybe better than the 2012 Si.There's been some speculation about which engine will appear in the Si and Type R models for 2017, and I feel as though the K20 coupled with forced induction would make a solid power plant.Back when I had my 1988 CRX and 1994 Civic DX coupe, I longed for a close ratio 6-speed, and to see Honda mate this gearbox with the K20C2 is quite encouraging.It feels as though the engine is allowed to work as designed by not having it coupled with a longer geared 5-speed.The sound system that comes with the touring trim level is better than the Solara SLE's excellent sound system.The integration with Google Maps navigation via Android Auto is excellent.[5/10/2016] It's been one week to the day since taking possession of the Civic and I am struggling to find anything I don't like. So in that respect, yeah, I would be seriously concerned if there were issues or things I noticed that didn't seem right.However, compared to the ride quality and cabin noise of my 2013 Fit, the Civic far exceeds it.

This replaces my 1999 Toyota Camry Solara, which I drove for 265,000 miles and 17 years 9 months.

I'm quite pleased with the vehicle after the first couple of days, but who knows what will happen down the line.

I'll continue to post updates periodically as I get in more drive time. I've logged just about 200 miles -- she's still a newborn.

I'm quite surprised by how lively the 2.0L (K20C2) engine is, especially in the low-mid RPM range.

It's not a speed demon by any stretch of the imagination, but for getting around town and commuting to and from work while also getting good gas mileage, I don't see how this doesn't fit the bill.

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