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For the most part, she rode horses Troy (a chestnut stallion) and Tintero (a grey gelding).Casiraghi is the official equestrian “ambassador” of the Gucci label.In 2007, Casiraghi is believed to have earned a License of Philosophy (B.A.) from the University of Paris IV: Paris-Sorbonne; there isn’t any evidence for this belief, but Casiraghi has never denied it.Charlotte and her two brothers, Andrea and Pierre, were born in the Mediterranean Principality of Monaco, ruled by their maternal grandfather, Prince Rainier III.

She took the written entrance exam for ENS in June 2006, but failed to make the list of candidates eligible to proceed to the oral exam.

She was the editor-at-large for Above magazine in 2009.

With two friends, she left that role in order to focus on the founding of the ecological/fashion-related Ever Manifesto.

She also revealed that the environmentally conscious designer Stella Mc Cartney, as well as her own uncle Prince Albert II, greatly enlightened and influenced her.

Specifically, she said: “It’s only recently that I’ve questioned the way that I’ve been consuming.

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