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It was not the response that Nina was expecting as he knew her age before he asked her out (more than once! Whilst Rakesh did not come right out and say it, Nina knew what he was really thinking – is this woman going to be able to give me children?

This begs the question that whilst the world we live in today has advanced significantly, why haven't some peoples' mindsets?

We always try to keep these costs to an absolute minimum.

If you feel at any time that our prices are not fair or competitive we'd be happy to hear from you.

Once you join our group by clicking the red "Join us ( button, you're instantly connected to over 8,000 Asian professionals living and working in and around New York City.

Organizers and attorneys Richard Young ( and Tiffany Ma ( have been successfully connecting Asians and Asian-Americans socially and professionally in the tri-state area for over a decade.

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