Azim premji dating allowance

While Tripti is sure that it is all Wipro's fault, the company is saying that no such perk is being provided.

Says HR vice-president, Joseph John, "It is a figment of imagination. We, as a company, don't like to interfere with the personal lives of our workforce." But Tripti's lawyer Nandlal Jaiswal maintains the company is just trying to save itself, "The company is providing an allowance, which is not legal in India.

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On being asked if he was taking too simplistic a stand by blaming the company for problems between the couple, Mr Jaiswal said: "The company is co-operating by giving the husband a monetary allowance to mix with other women.

Looking for someone who is respectful and is mature, and ready dating allowance indian companies something real. The court in Kanpur in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh has summoned Wipro chief, Azim Premji, and other company officials to respond.

Giving a person divorce on the basis of false allageation after 17 years.

Tripti Nigam's lawyer Nandlal Jaiswal said she would file a separate case against Premji and Wipro for allegedly providing a "dating allowance" to her husband Gaurav.

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