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When you know more about internet slang and the most common abbreviations and definitions, it is much easier to put your mind at ease whether your children are using online chat rooms or sending text messages to friends each day.

The most common places to find internet slang and abbreviations or acronyms being used includes chat rooms, within text messages, instant messages and programs, along with social media networks.

Avoid shaming your children if they encounter an individual who is harassing them, as this may happen.

Ensuring your children know how to block, report, and delete contacts is also essential whether they are using a downloaded instant messenger or if they prefer talking to their friends and contacts using a network such as Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr.

One way to help put your mind at ease is to simply begin educating your children on the proper methods of communication prior to introducing new technology in your home.

Talking about online safety and inappropriate messaging is also important to help with setting boundaries for anyone in your household who is using your internet to chat and talk with others with the use of messaging software, tools, and social networking platforms.

Because texting can require plenty of time, using abbreviations is most useful for those who are capable of deciphering them upon receiving a message.

If you have a positive relationship with your children and are capable of talking openly about technology, simply asking about their preferred methods of communication can help you to learn more about the environments they are often in any time they are online.

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These Italian slang words and phrases are not found in standard texts, but most native speakers know them well (whether they'll admit it or not is another question entirely).

Most likely, however, you don't want to begin your Italian lessons with these words; you're better off first learning some basic survival phrases if Italian isn't your native tongue.

Greetings are another list of must-learn words and phrases, particularly if you want to make friends while traveling in Italy.

Because most social media networks provide messaging and instant message options within the site itself, it’s easy for anyone with an account to begin chatting with other members of the online community and network nearly immediately.

Most abbreviations and acronyms are used in fast-paced environments, including chat rooms and also any text messages sent today.

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