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It’s a lovely scene, but one glaring fact remains: only about 1.9% of women in the United States are cigar smokers. They represent a masculine identity that permeates every corner of our society – there is a classic, sexy, manliness associated with the casual puff of a fine cigar.Despite this gender bias, with a good attitude and the right cigars you can have it all: the cigar the comfortable intimate silence with the woman you love.The flavor starts out light and smooth and gradually becomes darker with a little bit of a bite reminiscent of espresso.The construction and flavor of this little beauty will really give her the “classic” cigar experience, if that’s what she’s into.As the name suggests, it’s a great calorie free alternative to mint chocolate chip ice cream, with a hint of delectable mocha and this is one of our favorite cigars for women.

Luckily they’re well priced, so if she pukes immediately, maybe it’s time to step back to the Macanudo.

Cigars have recaptured their traditional symbol of success, celebration and achievement. rituals of elegance and sophistication, of good-fellowship and camaraderie.: Churchill, Corona, Toro, Torpedo, Laguito, Lonsdale, Robusto, and our New "Shaman" (Chaman) Cigar and our New Vegas Chiquititas! After you have smoked one of our Vegas Chiquititas... Our special tobacco is then hand-picked, selected, dried and cured for 3 years with tender loving care.

Our rich and smooth wrappers are imported from plantations in Nicaragua, shade-grown to perfection. International Fine Wines & Liquors, Information about Wines & Wine Testing.

Finally, for all the badass babes out there who refuse to start small, give her an Alec Bradley American Classic.

These cigars, as the name suggests, are a little smoky piece of America, all rolled up in a Connecticut Shade wrapper.

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