Dating a man with bratty kids

But when it's someone else's child acting up, things get stickier. What if the other child's parents are there but not taking charge?

Try to keep your emotions in check in such situations: It's possible to respond politely to even the rudest behavior.

If your child is there, you don't want him to think this behavior is just fine.

But many times, you won't be able to stop what's happening."You're not in charge of the whole world," says Betsy Brown Braun, a child development expert and author of .

That doesn’t matter as much when kids are young but will as they get older. In other words, you always have to be on your game.

Every minute of every day is an opportunity to mold and shape a child’s attitude.

If so, take him aside later and praise his behavior.

"When you step in before you're needed, the message can be that they need someone else to take care of their problems for them."So watch for a minute to see if your child is responding in a way you find appropriate rather than hitting or screaming insults in return.As you experience consistent bad behavior, you may be concerned that you are raising a brat. In the middle of a battle, do you feel unsure of what to do? You can turn that around by following a couple of easy principles.Here’s 4 pieces of advice for dealing with bratty kids.A lack of consistency will bring confusion and anxiety for both of you. “These are the things you can do and these are the things you can’t.” Have good and solid reasons for the boundaries you are setting.For younger kids, dos and don’ts are black and white. Work them out in your mind, write them down, and practice explaining them.

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