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Jesus loves everyone equally, and so should a pastor. But in fact, in my case, my pastor’s nickname for me was “Belovedest”.Now, our “relationship” was kept mostly a secret except from a sort of inner circle of clergy and lay leadership.

One of the few parishioners that found out about me and my pastor ended up giving me a 20-minute lecture on how I’d better treat her well, because she was currently an “integrated personality”, and we didn’t want that disturbed.If they combine that intimacy with sexual language and touching, it can seem as if you’ve met the person you’re going to marry.From the outside, I know, such a scenario might seem creepy, but when you’re on the inside, if the pastor grooms you slowly and subtly enough, you don’t necessarily notice the coercion.So I’m writing this document to explain to my friends and family -- and the general public— these rules are in place, and why, increasingly, observers of religion and sexual abuse awareness organizations say that pastor-parishioner relationships should be forbidden.One more quick point: I’m not the kind of person who frequently tells people how they should behave in their sex lives.

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