Dating guy lol posted

@mike – i’m sure there are always a couple of exceptions to the rules. But what if he keeps bringing up a specific ex-girlfriend.

The answer is “Because you don’t listen to what I tell you” Ofcourse I am not going to listen to what anyone tells me, I am my own being and I make decisions for my life and not yours.

My grandmother used to tell me, you’re going to be a great wife one day to your pastoral husband (She always wanted me to date this one specific guy from church because he was well groomed, his father was/is a pastor and his mother was very quiet).

Before my grandmother died, she called him in for a meeting and told him that she felt he is the right guy for me and we need to get married before she dies.

As some of ya’ll know I come from a very religious background, I was raised in church, I grew up in church, my every move was revolved around church even slept in church sometimes, youth camps and somewhat.

I also used to sing in the worship team (Apparently, I had a good voice haha).

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