Dating mumford sons

Khufu may have viewed himself as a divine creator, a role that was already given to Khnum, the god of earth, creation and growth.

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In attempt to solve the riddle around Khufu's true length of rulership, modern Egyptologists point to Sneferu's reign, when the cattle count was held every second year of a king's rulership.

It is unknown as to why the king would use a shortened name version, since it hides the name of Khnum and the king's name connection to this god.

It might be possible though, that the short name wasn't meant to be connected to any god at all. It is uncertain if Khufu was actually the biological son of Sneferu.

Khufu's name was dedicated to the earth deity Khnum, which might point to an increase of Khnum's popularity and religious importance.

In fact, several royal and religious titles introduced at his time may point out that Egyptian pharaohs sought to accentuate their divine origin and status by dedicating their official cartouche names to certain deities.

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