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The country was part of Austrian and Austro Hungarian empire for long time.Western part was also part of Italy for half of the century and always connected pretty well with northern Italy. You must be careful though not to mix these 2 very "different" countries: Slovenská republika = SLOVAKIA Slovenija republika = SLOVENIA Their flags are very similar: same colour, same alignment, same order...You're right about them liking tanned/exotic guys, I've been complimented on my latin looks and style by all of them.They especially love the fact I can dance salsa/bachata. But in the past we get mixed quite well with Austrians, Italians (south west and west part of the country, where even accent sounds very Latin and where they use many italian word in their dialect) and with Hungarians in north east.OK Guys - Let's start this thread with this video:

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On the whole, good news for the globe-trotting PUA. I guess they are kinda similar to the other ex-yugo countries (which is good...) Just passed through the country, but spent enough time in Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia to conclude that they have fine females down there... I had a hooka with me and that broke the ice, it was quite funny.

There are definitely some gems I saw, when I was there.

I met a bunch of croatian girls in Italy, they were all ready HOT I was quite surprised and they LOVED my american ass, I am all set up when I go, they were practically fighting over me and who I would stay with.

However, you get mega-extra points if you have an exotic flavor to offer like Spanish or Portuguese. I just finished a webcam session with a girl, what a total sweetheart!! And our only common language is Spanish - Go figure.

She decided to study Spanish instead of English as her second language. Have a look at this website to get yourself acclimated with the country: Mixx My almost married gf 7 years back was slovenian, a true beauty with perfect ass and big tits (which i don't search for) - They are not religious, they are not mix of italian/croatian as previous posters said. - But they are hot about tanned guys, that is for sure.

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