Dating service loveaccess com

has over 3.3 million profiles including Planet in 2004 and is growing by thousands a day.

They are 100% gay and lesbian dating service that has a worldwide reach and is in 7 different languages.has 4 million members in 2004 and 3,000 confirmed weddings since Year 2000. Membership, which runs nearly 0 for three months or almost 0 for a year.

There are thousands of dating services hosting in the Internet.Therefore, to find the company owns a very large membership database is a better bargain to join.According to traffic report in June 2002, had more visitors than all other competitors.THEN A MONTH LATER I GOT AN EMAIL FROM HER AT HEART DETECTIVES SAYING SHE HAD BEEN WRITING BUT I DIDN' T REPLT. SHE GAVE ME HER PERSONAL EMAIL ADDRESS AND WE GOT BACK ON TRACK. EMAIL VERY SELDOM GET TO THE ONE YOU ARE CONTACTING. I was on Love Access, which isn't bad, and this chick emailed me. I can't even see the profile of the sender without paying to join. It was probably a phony e-mail too or some flake from Russia.Should have seen it coming cuz the email said "Im' also on heartdetectives so try me there is this doesn't work out" duh, what a dupe. That's where I'm staying from now on, in the free zone. If you pay attention to the profiles on sites like Yahoo or Match there are quite a few identical profiles with different cities and pictures.

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