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Water quality is generally good, but sewage infrastructure and treatment capacity need further enhancement to sustain recent improvements.Sea level rise will bring increased risk of coastal flooding and threatens some of the wetland habitats.Levels of contaminants have reduced in sediments due to reductions in shipbuilding, although concentrations of PAHs, metals and a range of pesticides are high in some areas.Dublin is a major oil trans-shipment port and oil exploration has been proposed in the bay, so there is risk of further oil contamination.

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There he became a bishop and returned to Ireland with the intention of converting the pagan Irish to Christianity.

Having expanded at the expense of the coastal environment, Dublin City and Port are now beginning to reconnect with nature and with people who are increasingly recognising the value of natural capital and ecosystem services.

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Close to the port there are wetlands that are home to internationally important populations of birds and a range of coastal, intertidal and subtidal habitats, many of which are protected under EU and other legislation. There is a power station and a waste water treatment plant close to the port, together with oil storage, scrap metal recycling and cement manufacture.

There were some shell and fin-fish fisheries in the past but commercial fishing is very limited today, although there are some important nursery areas for fish species harvested in the Irish Sea.

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