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I highly recommend Into Russia for everyone travelling into Russia (ba dum tss)!10/10 service and friendly employees always willing to help, positive vibes every time for affordable prices Dear Natalia, We wanted to thank you again for organising such a wonderful trip for us. Our two guides (Eugenia in Moscow and Olga in St Petersburg) were both outstanding.We have spent a lot of time telling family and friends all about it and showing them lots of photos!! Mike Into Russia helped me with my visa invitation and application matters for three years in a row now in a very professional manner!Always responded quickly and effectively to my queries, even when there was a small mistake on the application (which I didn't notice) as soon as I informed about that issue it was resolved instantly without a problem!Everything went exactly as planned and we were treated very kindly by everyone we met including some complete strangers in the street.

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It was a fantastic three days of excursions with Irina in Moscow and with Dasha in St Petersburg for four days of architectural amazement; both guides were informative and made each tour a very personal experience as they were so knowledgable, organised and friendlytowards us.

Her English was okay but taking her off topic or asking questions could be tricky. I downloaded my c.900 photos yesterday so I think I’ll be busy for another week going through and sorting those out! In general, the feedback was that the programme worked very well, we really enjoyed it and were very happy (aside from Alice’s battles with hotel receptions! I would not have wanted to do it without the drivers and guides because the signage on roads and metros is limited for English speakers and the people are not immediately hugely friendly.

It would have been a much more stressful trip and given that we were fitting a lot in, wouldn’t have worked anything like as well if we had tried to move ourselves around.

I have found Into Russia excellent, their staff were very helpful and I quickly received my colleague’s tourist voucher, I can’t rate them highly enough.

One of their staff Alena was specifically very helpful with all aspects of the process and was quick to answer and help with any questions I had.

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