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1) Your password or account has been unauthorized use, or any other security problems occur, you must immediately notify the site.2) Every time after you use, please turn off your account.您因在本網站進行交易、在本網站獲取有償服務而發生的所有應納稅賦,以及通訊、網絡服務及其他方面的費用均由您自行承擔。本網站保留在無鬚髮出書面通知,僅在網站公示的情況下,暫時或永久地更改或停止部分或全部“服務”的權利。本網站有權更改服務價格,但會在您下一個付費到來前通知您。如果您不同意這些更改,那麼您當前使用期限屆滿後停止繼續使用。如果您的服務優惠有特定期限和價格,那麼該價格在該期限內有效。優惠期結束後,您使用服務的價格將按新標準執行。 2. Special notice to California users: You, the buyer, may cancel this agreement, without penalty or obligation, at any time prior to midnight of the third business day following the original date of this contract, excluding Sundays and holidays.

according to the following terms of service for your service, the terms of the statement applies to all content network under domain (hereinafter referred to as the "Site"), but also applies to any communication between us and you by e-mail . This agreement includes all kinds of rules and protocols for all Himew has issued or may be issued in the future.HUMOR RAINBOW STRONGLY ADVISES YOU TO USE EXTREME CAUTION BEFORE SHARING PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION WITH OTHER USERS OF THIS WEBSITE.HUMOR RAINBOW DOES NOT CONDUCT CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECKS ON OR SCREENINGS OF ITS USERS.Once your account is canceled, there is no obligation for you to this site or to retain any information you disclose in your account, there is no obligation to you or any third party to forward you've never read or send messages. As long as after a reasonable judgment that such content violates this agreement or is offensive, illegal, or violate the rights, harm, or threaten the safety of members. The following is a partial list of illegal or prohibited content of this website.reserves the following rights: the right to modify the list, according to their own independent judgment against anyone who violates this provision to investigate and take appropriate legal action, including but not limited to, removing the offending communication from the website and terminate the membership of such violators. You are all payable taxes due on this site to trade in this website for paid services that occur, as well as communications, network services and other aspects of the costs borne by you.

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