Dating tips for older adults

Studies have shown that companionship is more important than love and marriage, and having someone to share your life with is more than just a nice thing to have – it is essential to health and emotional well-being. Here are our four best tips for starting your search for senior singles online: Attitude: Having a positive attitude will do wonders to your online dating experience.

Any feelings of being too old or having missed the boat on finding true love should be squashed immediately.

More and more singles over 50 are realizing that it’s never too late to find love again, and that no-one is too old to start dating online.

Another benefit that singles over 50 have over the younger generations is that they are less inclined to be picky than they were in their younger years.

The most common concern for singles over 50 is that they are simply too old, it can be difficult not to compare yourself to those half your age.

Most senior singles on our site stated that the age of their partner does not matter.

Things came relatively easily and you did not worry about tomorrow, and most certainly not today.There is a strong preference to talking on the phone or in person as opposed to sending messages on dating sites for seniors.Privacy and security are big concerns, as well, and many seniors often avoid doing anything online in order to avoid being scammed.According to a 2015 survey by Pew Research Center, 12 percent of singles aged 55-64 and 3 percent of singles aged 65 have used an online dating site and/or mobile application.Those numbers doubled in comparison to a similar survey from 2013.

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