Dating violence role play scenarios dating france for muslims

Explain that the group will be watching a three minute clip from IN THE MIX, a series for teens that airs on PBS.

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Explain to the group, "There are ten statements hung around the room.This is natural, but comments should be held until the group discussion.Distribute the Video Viewing Guide and ask the students to think about the questions on the handout as they watch the video clip: If you can't show the clip from the Web, cue the video about eight minutes into the episode, to where a young man named Michael says "When I do hit her, it's with compassion.The abuser angrily reacts to their criticism ABUSER: Get out of my face! One of the guys responds to the abuser GUY 1: I’m making it my business. A message from the New York State Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence and the New York State Broadcasters Association. Real respect for women" Campaign: Public Service Announcements on Teen Dating Violence :15 MUSIC IN BACKGROUND DURING ANNOUNCEMENT ABUSER: Who you calling? ANNOUNCER: If you know someone who’s controlling or abusing his girlfriend, don’t drop the ball.

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