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The problem with the resolution to this storyline is how easy it was, a sign of the show's late-season laziness.

In Season 5, Dexter discovered Lumen, a woman who had been raped and tormented by her captors.was arguably the messiest — well, perhaps until the show's current and final eighth season.Brother Sam was a troubling character for a number of reasons.On a series that has struggled with characters of color, it was regrettable to have rapper Mos Def playing a figure who uselessly regurgitated the season's religious themes and then got killed in a forgettable subplot. Brian Moser's return was teased endlessly, and the shocking reveal was supposed to be a major talked-about moment. We know Dexter sees dead people — hello, his dad is like The contrived twist that Travis' mentor Professor Gellar was dead would have been bad enough as is; but thanks to the deductive powers of the internet — and some really sloppy writing — everyone called this big reveal before Dexter did.It was so obvious that some fans even wondered if the writers were purposely leading us astray.

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