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There he took on Chris Colt in his first professional wrestling match. Within the year, he would win the United States title from Wahoo Mc Daniel and wrestle the infamous "I Quit Match" with Tully Blanchard. Little did anyone known that his win over Jimmy Garvin would be his last.

He had a cane, was not in his regular red trunks and was there for support, not action. He was still walking with a cane at the time, and being inside the ropes is all he wanted to do. Following the accident, two hospitals sued Allen for money that he owed for health care. He had become just another name in the history book of professional wrestling.

Wrestling journalist Bill Apter remembered the return of Magnum T. "When he came back for several waving appearances, it was nice, it was applauded that he was back, but it wasn't the same thing. Mick Foley, in his book Have a Nice Day, remembered Allen's days before the accident, calling Magnum T. "a definite, future world champion." It just did not work out that way although Allen can now walk without the use of a cane or crutch. He occasionally makes independent wrestling appearances, and is scheduled to be at the Cauliflower Alley Club convention in Las Vegas in February, but his life is pretty much a mystery. Expenses ran over 0,000, far past the ,000 worth of health insurance coverage Allen had. Tamara, Allen's wife who had supported him throughout the whole accident, is no longer with Allen. The man who once had thousands of fans chanting his name, now had very few to turn to.

It took another hour to pry the 230-pound wrestler out of the car.

He was talking at the time, but his condition was critical.

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