Drop dead diva dating

In addition, Deb learned at Jane's Class of 1994 reunion that Jane was very unnoticed at high school and her date was gay.Deb also handles the sudden urge for treats and snacks she denied herself before as well as realizing how self-absorbed she used to be.She has Jane's legal smarts but not her memories and brushes off odd behavior as aftereffects of Jane being shot.Her lack of Jane's memories does hurt at times such as when she sues a diet guru unaware until the trial that Jane did a commercial endorsing the product.On a side note, Jane and Grayson are preparing for their first date. It turns out Liam’s termination is valid, so it looks like Jane has her work cut out for her.Maybe it’s the nerves talking but we can’t help noticing that Jane is acting a tad silly when she happens to be around Grayson. Elsewhere, the judge is upset with Grayson and accuses him of vandalism.We find out the owner of the building is using the artwork on the building to promote his new condos.Jane proves how important Liam and his partner are, we hear them sing a beautiful song (always nice to hear Rick Springfield sing).

Jane unknowingly helps Grayson with his case, and she gets a kiss on the cheek.

Can’t wait to see more of this couple as the season continues.

A former model now stuck in the body of a size 16 brunette lawyer, Deb wrestles with this new life.

Desperate to get rid of Belinda after the latter has made several annoying interferences, Jane decides to have coffee with Kim where she uses her powers of persuasion to get Kim off her long maternity leave and come back to the firm.

The advertisement, ironically, ends up being the building owner’s downfall and the judge declares the building a historic landmark and prohibits the owner from evicting the residents.

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