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But fans of the soap were unaware that, off-screen, Linda was herself in an emotionally abusive relationship with her husband, art director and photographer Ed Thrasher (designer of album covers for musicians such as Frank Sinatra, Jimi Hendrix and Joni Mitchell), whom she had married at 21.

Linda realised she had made a mistake the first night of her honeymoon in Acapulco. The next morning Ed left her alone in the hotel all day while he went out taking photos, establishing an emotionally cold and controlling pattern that would continue throughout their marriage. If I meet a 40-year-old who is boring, dull and flat, I have no interest.

Marge Gray ‘wasn’t falling down drunk – there was never any yelling, she wasn’t mean – she was just blurred, in her own world; she would forget to buy food. My sister and I didn’t like her.’ Linda (far left) with her mother, sister Betty, father and friends.

Her mother ‘wasn’t falling down drunk – there was never any yelling, she wasn’t mean – she was just blurred, in her own world,' said Linda With Betty in 1945, just before being diagnosed with polio. ‘I miss my sister every day, because she and I grew up in that wacko, dysfunctional family but we got through it,' said Linda Instead, he would leave notes pinned to the fridge every morning with chores for her to do, ‘like I was a maid.

The FCC immediately signaled to broadcasters and advertisers that it was willing to do business with commercial interests -- provided that radio networks and stations aired significant "public interest" programs. WPP in 2003 bought and broke up the Bates network; the brand still operates in Asia as Bates 141. After the war, it was renamed the Advertising Council.

I believe her when she says she has never had plastic surgery; her face is lined and full of character.

She was 38 when she landed the role of Sue Ellen which meant moving to Texas for two months at a time to film, leaving behind her children aged 11 and 13‘The neighbourhood wives treated me like a disease,’ she says (although their husbands offered to come and give her a shoulder to cry on! It was Larry Hagman and his wife Maj who provided genuine support. ‘I thought I was so pretty, but he (Ed) just looked at me and said, “You look like a hooker”. I thought I was going to die on the spot,' said Linda‘I remember looking at JR and thinking, “Who in hell would marry that idiot? A decade after the show’s launch, Larry Hagman and Patrick Duffy were directing episodes of Dallas. When I did panto [Cinderella in Wimbledon] last year, I didn’t have to ask anyone for permission to go. All women are susceptible to jealousy, comparisons and envy.

Linda was keen to get behind the camera, too, but executive producer Leonard Katzman refused to let her direct. Those words are detrimental to our growth and happiness.

But her directing debut in 1986 was tinged with sadness, because she discovered that her sister Betty had breast cancer, seven years after the trauma of losing her 17-year-old daughter [Linda’s niece] in a road accident. You may never look like a 17-year-old model from Slovenia, but that is the standard we are asked to achieve. Be grateful In my travels, I heard a lot of complaints from women about how their skin has changed, the spots and dryness. By only seeing flaws, they forget how beautiful they are, and how beautiful it is to be alive. Be grateful for everything you’ve got, including the wrinkles. It doesn’t have to be a massive bouquet, just one that makes you smile.

Please don’t compare yourself to an unobtainable ideal – your genetically gifted best friend, your daughter or yourself 20 years ago. Today I went out to my garden and picked a beautiful display. I know it doesn’t seem feasible when we are rushing to get everything done. Turn off the lights, light a candle and put a few drops of scented oil in the water. Trust me, I’ve been on location in some not-fancy bathrooms.

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