Exhausted from dating

This tendency for partners to sharpen their focus rather than adopting a broader perspective and facing what is happening soon spreads out to every facet of their relationship.

They lose “peripheral vision,” and cannot see new ways to deal with the broader situation or its underlying meaning.

New lovers often promise each other that they will be together forever.

Offering glorious promises of enduring intertwinement, they willingly pledge to give up personal independence in exchange for a future of secure belonging.

If a couple relies on unproductive patterns that have ceased to produce results, they put themselves in danger of depleting those resources.

Because old habits take less energy and thought, they often slip into them instead of searching for new ways to improve their interactions.

If they are willing to pay attention to these early warning signs of potential demise, they could more easily reverse their downward course and turn things around before it is too late.

The Warning Signs of Relationship Disenchantment Narrow Focus When a relationship is in a prolonged crisis, both partners tend to lose sight of innovative options.

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If they do not choose to courageously face changer, they will resort to old solutions and become more frustrated, weary and indifferent.

Like emotional warriors fighting a never-ending surge of increasing embattlements, they keep trying to make things better despite the greater challenges and lessening rewards.

Sadly, at some point, disillusionment, defeat, and dissatisfaction may overcome any dedicated partnership, and it can deteriorate into relationship burnout, the ultimate outcome of continuing disenchantment.

Unfortunately, the keeping of those promises are subject to many unexpected challenges, even when they are genuinely made.

Unexpected crises arise in all intimate relationship that can eradicate blissful expectations, and most new lovers, caught up in the fantasy of indestructible love, don’t anticipate them adequately.

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