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Addition by Kilmar Submitted by: IGN Staff The Black Belt may seem weak at first, but when you get him to level 10, watch his attack STR sky rocket! His ability to absorb attacks is always equal to his level, unless he has armor equipped.

In Elfheim, make your way to the top portion of town, behind one of the shops, where a series of gravestones is located.

We see this site opens in 0,056 seconds and it is a damn good score. According to our analyzes we see there are 81 errors and 83 warnings for on W3 Validator. We couldn't see on DMOZ that is why we don't think this site is secure to use but since DMOZ wants money to add your site to Dmoz we can't say this site is 100% secure or not.

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, has been buying and selling names on the domain aftermarket since 1999.

George is a Nominet Member and a Nominet Registrar, bound by both the Members' code and the Registrars' code of conduct.

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