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Have you noticed that deception has become an epidemic in America?

Deception is the rule of the day and most people buy into the deception because they can no longer discern truth from lies or they actually want to believer liars.

The same can be said about the books Christian read.

They show little discernment because they have little knowledge of the Bible.

I will just make a few observations of my own to make my point.

Mormons keep pretending to be Christians when they really are pagans that think that they are becoming gods through their own achievements.

But he is not a Christian and he is trying to pass himself off as a Christian.

This fits in just wonderfully now that even evangelicals are looking for “common ground” with Mormons. That doesn’t make him evil but rather, proves that we need to do our homework before we tie ourselves to a bandwagon.After three years, People are still buying into economic lies that can’t create jobs.The truth is that the only real way we can create new jobs in this country and save the economic future of this country is to get busy developing the abundant energy resources that we have and to quit sending our money to fascist China that will use it to become our worst nightmare in a decade.No wonder that people in business don’t want to hire anyone.If they do it is very likely that they will be deceived in more ways than one and good luck trying to get rid of a bad worker who feels entitled to the job because he/she was born.

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