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Somehow, I managed to get through, and finally had some time to take a shower and clear my head.

That’s when the shower curtains opened up, and my naked step sister hopped in the shower with me!

Her head was falling from one side to other, her beautiful big tits were bouncing in my face. “Not so fast” my girlfriend said, pulling my hot throbbing cock out of the stepsister’s cunt and sucking it.

While my girl enjoyed her cereals and orange juice, my stepsister was flashing me her fabulous meaty ass behind her back, can you fucking believe that shit?

I’m only human, I may not be tapping my stepsister anymore, but she still makes me hard as fuck!

She took my cock in her hands and watched at me, she smiled like a devil woman.

My girlfriend was still in the house, and she could come into the bathroom any second!

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