Goranga dating

As the Indomitus Crusade drew to a close around 111.

M42, Guilliman calculated the current year by the five main factional variants of the Imperial Calendar to be anywhere between the early 41st Millennium and an entire millennium later, and that was leaving out the numerous lesser, more heretical interpretations.

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Check numbers are listed using the following numeric classes: For record-keeping, each year is divided into 1000 equal parts, numbered 001-000, rather than months or weeks.The Primarch was determined to make a full and accurate accounting of the Imperium's fragmentary and often contradictory history, and so he commissioned the formation of a new organsation -- the Logos Historica Verita.It was charged with the daunting task of discovering, collating and cataloging thousands of standard years of human history that had been lost or was woefully inaccurate due to superstition, suppression or purposeful obfuscation by the High Lords of Terra.This is a word that somebody paints on road bridges around the country so that people see them and say "what does GOURANGA mean? Also it's started a Gouranga-spotting club, but not as good as Eddie Stobart's. Gouranga is a word which, so the Hare Krishna movement believe, has simply to be said to make things better.Gouranga has been plastered on bridges for a long time and as a Sales Manager who drives 36000 miles a year I should know! To spread the "word" around, packs of plain-clothes Krishnas have been decorating motorway bridges and junctions with the letters, or sometimes just painted graffiti. Got collared by a dodgy looking bloke this week in Edinburgh who was flogging a "trance" CD to raise funds to build "gardens".

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