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I am an American-Iranian comedian, storyteller, writer, drama writer, otaku, and fan-fiction writer. So the work over there is going to be pretty heavy for me... How I write heroes, villains and characters are now up to me. Remember, writing is It all comes from your ideas and how you think through them to entertain the audience. My current languages that I know, but trying to master are English, Farsi/Persian, Japanese, Korean, and Turkish. Likes: Video Games (I'm pretty much addicted to it), Memes, Traveling, going to restaurants, going to Malls, Visual Novels, Archery, Persian Culture, Homestar Runner, Cartoons, Cartoon Movies, Anime, Southern Food, Mexican, Nice and Kind people, People who stay calm at things, open-minded people, and People who quit complaining from obvious stuff.

His light, his smile, his hero had all been stolen from him - all in the matter of a day. Chapter 14; Release, in which Eighteen has to come to terms with herself.No problemo, I just make one and that character is on its way to its arc. There's also adding facets and internal conflict to a character in a narrative. If you want people to care for your cute character, then SHOW! Also, since your character seems to be serious, then just showing us pictures isn't gonna help. Dory (c) Finding Dory Hinata Hyuga (c) Naruto Hiccup (c) How To Train Your Dragon Prince Alfonse (c) Fire Emblem: Heroes Anna (c) Fire Emblem: Heroes Sharena (c) Fire Emblem: Heroes Maya Fey (c) Ace Attorney Pearl Fey (c) Ace Attorney Qui Gon Jinn (c) Star Wars Superman (c) Superman My Favorite Anti-Hero Characters:10. Maximum Charge - Learned by Mira in his younger years in the Demon Realm. Nevertheless, it's learned by Mira in his younger years in the Demon Realm.Want to create a chosen Iranian warrior in a science/fantasy world? My favorite writers are: Shu Takumi: Writer of the original Ace Attorney trilogy and Dai Gyakuten Saiban. William Shakespeare: Writer of his poetic books, including Othello. Without a conflict, there won't be any change to the character and no interest at all. Meteor Crash -Learned by Mira in his younger years in the Demon Realm.If I'm writing a serious science/fantasy manga with an Iranian protagonist, then I'd gotta come up with something interesting out of it. It must also be accessed if the person has Demon blood & genes.Whenever I'm out of energy, we go to someone's house, College, go to a restaurant, or if I'm not in a right mood to write. A: It's fun, I come up with crazy stuff to franchises and my original work, and I would feel relieved to see how much hard work I have done so far. Luke Skywalker (c) Star Wars (RIP from The Last Jedi)8. Once it's achieved, the user will have dark hair, glowing red-pupil eyes regardless of eye color, and a black aura surrounding them.

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