How to solve radiometric dating problems dating antiques country origin

The technique does have the added advantage that if the ‘ages’ from both the 238U and 235U chains agree with each other, it adds support to the hypothesis that both chains have experienced the same effects during the formation and lifetime of the crystal. ’ The claim is that if a rock undergoes a metamorphic process then some of the U or Pb from the zircon would be lost, which means the ages would no longer be concordant.

A colleague, Dr Tas Walker, advises that, “the Concordia technique arose from the fact that the two U decay series should give the same ‘age’ but almost always they didn’t—i.e. So, where the top part of the line through the zircons intersects the Concordia curve is said to be the ‘age’ of the zircon.

Andrew Kulikovsky spoke on one occasion and John Hartnett spoke on 2 occasions. About half those who are on the committee are YECs and the others doubt the YEC position to various degrees.

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I submit that there is no such independently and unarguably known age—unless one is prepared to accept the age that is derived from the Bible, that was provided to us by God, an eyewitness, and some reliable scribes.

This is highly significant, as it means that the initial conditions are known to a high level of confidence.

The other point that Justin made was that the dating for Uranium/Lead can be derived from 3 sources: U238 decay, U235 decay and the lead isotope ratio.

I did not discuss this technique because it seems a pretty straightforward combination of various parent-daughter relationships.

The Wikipedia article that you reference would seem to confirm this.

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