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In the video above, the Milians pull a trick on Lizzy. During the event, Christina performs and absolutely dominate!

Christina says she has to go to the restroom and then doesn't return, so Carmen and Danielle tell Lizzy to go find her. The crowd loved every second of her performance and the event was a success! Lizzy Heads to France With Dom to Meet His Family: At the end of the episode, Lizzy heads to France with Dom to meet his family for the first time.

Danielle and Richard meet with the families and hear their stories, which helps them understand how other people have coped with the same situation they're currently in.4.

Recently Weezy dropped a subtle bomb that he may have gotten back into the R&B singer’s good graces. But yeah, I was like ‘Maybe I should have checked out his history’.

The former Disney princess, who dated the man when she was 17, revealed on Tuesday's episode of "Christina Milian Turned Up" that he used to wake her up by "stomping and kicking her" and once pointed a pistol to her head.

“One time he played Russian roulette on me,” she said, without revealing his name.

When Lizzy goes to find Christina, she runs into Dom, who then asks her to marry him! While Lizzy's excited to meet Dom's kids, she jokingly admits she's "not looking forward to the potential baby mama drama."Thanks for an amazing season two, Milian family!

Christina Milian revealed she was involved in an abusive relationship as a teenager and almost died when he pulled a gun on her.

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