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Jean II Comte de Hainaut inherited the county of Holland in 1299 from his mother's family, and his descendants in the male line ruled both counties until 1345 when they passed to Marguerite, sister of the last count Guillaume IV and second wife of Ludwig IV Duke of Bavaria, who was later installed as king of Germany and crowned emperor.The two counties were ruled by counts from the Bavarian Wittelsbach family until 1433 (see Chapter 5).However, from the early 15th century, the Valois-Capet dukes of Burgundy acquired control over many of the counties and duchies in the Low Countries as a result of prudent dynastic marriages.

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The traditional Europische Stammtafeln outline of the family has been retained for presentational purposes in the present document.Politically, Hainaut lay within imperial jurisdiction and formed part of the kingdom of Lotharingia after the 843 treaty of Verdun.The division of Lotharingian territories agreed 8 Aug 870 between Ludwig II "der Deutsche" King of the East Franks and his half-brother Charles II "le Chauve" King of the West Franks allocated "comitatum Hainoum" to King Charles The county's geographic proximity to France ensured strong French political and linguistic influence in its development.The county of Hainaut was located directly south of the county of Flanders and the ancient county of Brabant, coinciding approximately with the province of present-day Belgium of the same name and the neighbouring areas of the current French department of Nord.It derives its name from the pagus Hainoensis, named after the river Haine, a tributary of the river Escaut which marked the western border of the pagus.

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