Jef star single or dating

Jeff doesn’t have any news regarding his dating life, and it seems like, despite one boyfriend, he has not been in any other relationship in his life.

On the show, Ferguson dallied with Justin Reich, a personal trainer. Here's where it gets fun: When Ferguson appeared on the after-show following the finale, she and Reich were no longer together. Juelia Kinney departed the show a week before the finale after a relationship with Mikey Tenerelli fizzled.

Often known for his unrealistic looks, Star is often mistaken for a girl, which pretty much illustrates his trans style, and often gender confusing makeups.

Apart from his TV appearances, he has also toured around many countries with his musical group and has started his own business online at

But it was something, which he was already interested in, and other’s opinions didn’t matter to Jeff.

At school, he would take music classes and grow better with instruments as well as words.

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