Journal behaviors towards teen dating violence

Drinking, drugs, genetics, the victim's behavior or stress does not cause domestic violence. It is learned in the home by observation and reinforcement before the age of 10.Domestic Violence happens in all races, religions and socio-economic groups.Teen Relationship Abuse and Adult Domestic Violence have some of the same characteristics.They both are based in an increase in controlling behaviors, the abuser uses power and control to keep them in the relationship, the abuse becomes more severe when the victim tries to end the relationship, and both follow the Cycle of Violence.Over time the cycle reduces to just tension/abuse and the episodes of violence get more frequent and severe.

The victim can obtain a stay away order which prevents the abuser from coming within 100 yards from the victim and other protected parties.

There is also a civil code section under the Domestic Violence Protection Act.

This civil code protects partners who are in dating relationships or same sex relationships.

The children experience high levels of anxiety, experience symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and experience difficulties in school.

Children living in violent homes are more likely to be truant, act out and behave violently. It is estimated that abuse is involved in 28% of teen dating relationships.

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