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To be truly secure emotionally and spiritually requires trust, but since this trust is difficult for a woman to muster, many will choose to seek in particular earthly security, often at the expense of true security.

For many women, trusting in themselves alone, or even placing trust in institutions (state, corporations, etc.) is the means by which they achieve their sense of security.

To attempt discipline without the fundamental foundational principles in place will inevitably backfire, and cause resentment and contempt. You must always remember those two sin dynamics common to all women, for the vast majority of your discipline will stem from her struggles concerning them.

Yes, men and women are different physically, and also men and women think differently.The first attempt at this punishment should only be delivered by hand so you can get an idea of how many lashings are needed.The best position will be for you to sit at the end of a bed or on a chair (with no arms) and have her lay across your lap.This will insure her remorse and therefore stop the undesirable behavior.A sound lashing is five to ten strokes with your hand, or three to five strokes with a strap; some wives need more.

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