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A lot of the plays were Ingmar Bergman-directed, but I didn't care about him. 'They came to say "Hi", or get an autograph, but it made me kind of paranoid and very insecure. 'I wasn't like a Hollywood child actor – "I'm five! I told my parents, I don't want to do this any more.It was more fun to play around in the costume department.' As a young boy he also acted in a number of films, including one, The Dog That Smiled, that brought him stardom at the age of 13. My dad said, "You have to love it, if you don't feel that way, do the other thing, whatever it is." I'm very grateful that he did that.The town is said to have got its name because people believed trolls lived in the nearby river.It seems an appropriate location for an interview with the vampire. It is not long before Skarsgård bounds up the steps to the lobby, showered and dressed in a simple grey T-shirt and jeans, looking very tall – he is 6ft 4in – and glowingly healthy.RELATED GALLERY: • PEOPLE Covers: Stars pop the BIG question!

I would have tried, and I would have done it for a few more years probably, but I'm absolutely sure I wouldn't be acting today.

On , Moyer and Paquin are involved in a love triangle with Alexander Skarsgard‘s character.

Preston says their real-life romance only makes their performances stronger.

Its dark tales of 'glamouring' vampires, who can hypnotise their human victims; fangbangers, who are addicted to vampire sex, and users who get high on 'V' – vampire blood – have made it the most watched series on HBO in the US since The Sopranos, as well as an internet phenomenon.

In Britain it opened with more than two million viewers.

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