Most intimidating nfl players

But then like peeling an onion, I started digging deeper and came up with my choice. He's in good shape, but he's like most good athletes, in good shape but not a physical specimen. He brings his lunch pail to practice and to the game and plays. He's been embroiled in controversy and kept his head high and his mouth shut.He took the high road when he could have torched his antagonist.For all the talk about how Dallas' secondary patrolman is overrated, you don't hear any wideouts or tight ends joining the chorus.When the ball comes over the middle and this heavy hitter is nearby, the best move is to duck."I'm a grown-ass man," the 6-1 220-pounder is fond of telling defenders after bludgeoning them on the backside of running plays.This list is based on a player’s intensity and ferocity on the field, not necessarily his talent or production. He’ll call guys out on both sides of the ball, and has a grimace that can’t be taught. Terrell Suggs: He talks a lot, but his numbers may as well be just as predictable as his mouth.His physical dominance on the field speaks for itself, and double-digit sacks follow. Justin Smith: Has passed Brian Urlacher in the intimidating white guy standings.No one, and I repeat no one, is playing better football in the NFL than Aaron Rodgers. He's completing 71.8% of his passes, which is mind boggling. James Harrison is more intimidating than Aaron Rodgers.

Nominally a defensive end, the 254-pounder has no apparent regard for his -- or anyone else's -- physical well-being.When I first saw this topic, my mind went to defensive players.I won't name names for my opponent to use, but there are many to choose from.Even well after the fact, he has kept his focus on his job, his team and his integrity.Last year, his team was depleted by injuries and he kept putting his team on his back, winning games and lead by example. Aaron Rodgers You should have stuck with defensive players.

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