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Looking further afield, it would take only 30 minutes to reach the moon (considerably quicker than the 61 hours and 56 minutes Neil Armstrong’s Apollo 11 took). The scorching 1377C heat that would be too much for any other object will be nothing for the Parker Probe’s four and a half inch thick carbon-composite heatshield.And it would get to the Sun – some 90million miles away – in a little over nine days. In fact, while the sun-facing side blisters in the heat, the electronics inside will be able to operate at room temperature.The probe – about the size of a Mini – is hoped to analyse in detail the dangers of solar wind which can cause havoc for technology.

He continues to co-parent his kids with Garner, who primarily reside in Los Angeles with their actress mother.

A close-up of Kelly's shoes also showed that all of her toes appeared to be crowded and discolored the designer heels.

Wrinkles could also be seen as she put pressure on certain toes in the photographs.

Ben Affleck and Lindsay Shookus spent the weekend together in New York and are already acting like an old married couple.

The pair were spotted on Sunday perusing art for sale and picking up groceries as they enjoyed a low-key day together.

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