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Far too often, dating can become an all-consuming enterprise that sucks the joy out of the dating process and even their life. You don't need to go to the bar to meet a great guy.

You can find the right kind of man simply by going to the places you already enjoy. Take a few gym classes and see who catches your eye.

For one, don't get down on yourself if a date didn't turn into anything more. In today's day and age, that means avoiding frequent and aggressive texting.

Finally, if you love history and culture, Boston is a great dating locale as well, so be sure to schedule dates at the many museums and historical locations the city has to offer.

In short, Boston is filled with fun date activities that can reflect your personality and keep you having fun through the dating process.

“It’s human nature to find yourself attracted to a certain type.

Over the years I have seen so many failed relationships because men and women both tend to date the same type of person over and over again while neglecting to see that they are falling into the same patterns in their relationships.” If you find yourself in a dating rut because you keep falling for the wrong guys or simply aren't finding any good ones, maybe it's time to step back and let a professional take over.

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