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But if you want to change the world it’s not through a farmers’ market; you do it through Wal-Mart. We need to put the training wheels on people there and educate them. The way Americans eat is at the center of the plate. People read menus left to right, with the protein first; I read menus right to left.

Green Giant and big food corporations actually deserve a lot of credit for feeding a lot of people, but a lot of what they’ve done has been in their own self-interest, at a cost in quality and taste. Once you train yourself to change the plate to emphasize more delicious vegetables, that’s when you change some of the problems with our dwindling resources.: Most of the people on TV, like Deen, are selling entertainment, not sustenance.

Grilled baby octopus gains from sharing the plate with a Greek salad, warn treatment with capers, olives, and jalapeño, cooked in beer.

A red Thai curry lobster claypot is a signature dish here, with sweet golden pineapple, kaffir lime, and aromatic jasmine rice.

The hot shrimp dip with smoked paprika and grilled bread is addictive, and I've never had better trout, carefully grilled, with a root vegetable puree and citrus-pecan-brown butter.

But I stay out of the way of the ingredients; I don’t want to change them from their natural essence.

Seaver: I find molecular cuisine fascinating, but I don’t know many people who have walked away from those restaurants and want to go back tomorrow night.

When it’s in water it’s a fish, but when it meets up with a human being it becomes seafood. I’m working as a consultant for the National Geographic Society, advising them about seafood, not fish.

I believe there should be corporate social responsibility towards seafood as a resource. It’s basically good for you and better than eating so much meat protein.

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