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The examples appear in the orthography or system of transcription used in the sources mentioned, and include glosses and translations; early Mauritian Creole examples also include the year of the attestation if different from the date of publication.The [possessor his possessed] construction is first recorded in 1855.A box will show on the right side with a dropdown of domains that you own.

There is no pressure to sign up and we will even provide you with suitable matches before you sign up to one of our membership packages.The findings and some of their implications are discussed in section 6.The corpus of 19 century Mauritian Creole samples includes travel accounts (Milbert 1812, de Freycinet 1827), literary works (de la Butte 1850, Lolliot 1855, Descroizilles 1867), folklore (Baissac 1888), monographs (Baissac 1880, Adam 1883), religious texts such as the translation of the Gospel according to Mathew (Anderson 1885) and the Catechism (Lambert 1888), the texts published by Chaudenson (1981), and the collection of old Mauritian Creole texts (Textes créoles anciens n.The Breakaway Club regular Tuesday club nights are held in the function room in The John Selden, Half Moon Lane, Salvington, Worthing, BN13 2EN (our first night in our new home was Tuesday 31st January 2017).I always wanted a personalized email address like [email protected], but it never ended up how i wanted it, until now.

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