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By depicting interracial relationships as normal and inevitable, and branding any individuals who don’t date interracially as racist, people like Hax are trying to abolish the white race by changing the racial dating preferences of young white women. Her column is carried in more than 100 newspapers and is geared toward people under the age of 30. But since the FBI doesn’t track Hispanic hate crime suspects, these attacks in the Bronx are all recorded as white-on-Hispanic. Here’s a link to the FBI’s Hate Crime Incident Report.The NYPD’s Hate Crime Task Force is investigating a string of recent anti-Mexican bias attacks in the Bronx. In the ‘Bias Motivation’ section, ‘Anti-Hispanic’ is listed.Carson’s murder became an indictment of North Carolina’s ineffectual parole system, while Burk’s murder was attributed to the military’s failure to screen returning Iraq veterans for mental health disorders.In the autobiographical work Soul on Ice, influential black writer Eldridge Cleaver recounted how in his younger days he purposely targeted white women for rape.After the 90 minute ordeal, the suspects tied the victim up and left her by the side of a rural road.

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Instead, the suspects repeatedly threatened to kill the woman (and her unborn baby) by shooting her in the stomach.

Cleaver wrote, “I crossed the tracks and sought out White prey. From the site of the act of rape, consternation spreads outwardly in concentric circles.

I did this consciously, deliberately, willfully, methodically… It delighted me that I was defying and trampling upon the White man’s law… I wanted to send waves of consternation throughout the white race.” [bold added for emphasis] Federal crime statistics suggest that black males continue to “cross the tracks” to seek out white prey.

‘White’ is a Suspect category and ‘Anti-Hispanic’ is a Bias category, so white-on-Hispanic hate crimes are recorded as such.

But because Hispanics aren’t a Suspect category, the only way to record a Hispanic-on-white hate crime is as a White-on-White hate crime.

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