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What does the area of overlap between a designer and front-end developer look like? The chasm between roles that is most concerning is the one between web designers/developers and native application designers/developers.We often choose a camp early on and stick to it, which is a mindset that may have been fueled by the false “native vs. It was positioned as an either-or decision, and hybrid approaches were looked down upon.It took a few years, but eventually every new job came with the question we all loved to hear: “desktop or laptop?” I was so happy when I got my first laptop at work.

It satisfies […][mehr] (Quelle: W3C News) As an industry, we’re historically terrible at drawing lines between things.

As this column evolves, I think this is what I’ll be talking about a lot. How to think of what we do not as the tech business but the people business.

How to give ourselves permission to experience the world around us and get inspiration for our work from that.

“Man,” I thought, “now I can work anywhere, any time!

” It was fun for a while, until I realized that now I could work anywhere, any time.

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