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Welcom Heritage Ramgarh offers 26 well appointed rooms and suites with five categories namely Luxury Rooms, Premium Rooms, Heritage Rooms, Heritage Suite Rooms and Ramgarh Suite Rooms.

Diwan Khana is the multi-cuisine restaurant that holds the Gaddi of the former Rulers of Ramgarh.

Her last marriage, to the artist Fadi Lubnan, lasted 17 years.

She is survived by a daughter by Mansy and a daughter by Shammas.

The Palace offers an array of recreational activities that includes an in-house gymnasium overlooking a refreshing swimming pool, yoga, Aarti at Mandir Thakurdwara for the spiritual experience, art & craft for kids, indoor games, Curio handcrafts shop and golf course in the vicinity.

Welcom Heritage Ramgarh Heritage is an ideal destination for hosting corporate meetings, weddings and off-site programs with its various in-house venues including Durbar Halls, The Poolside Lawn and The Baara Lawn.

One of her husbands was said to have divorced her over the length of her skirt; the Arab press expressed their shock when, in her seventies, she had a romance with a young winner of the Mr Lebanon contest; and a persistent rumour had it that she was secretly married to her hairdresser.Along the way she gained a reputation for being something of a diva.A glamorous performer, she was frequently compared to Cher and Madonna.Welcom Heritage Ramgarh has a history dating back almost 325 years old with features reminiscent of the pre-independence era.The present Owners are the descendants of Chandail Rajputs whose original seat of power was Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh.

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