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But we have evolved, watches are now largely luxury items, and there is every reason to strive for utility Types of Date Displays It may be obvious, but one reason that we see the same thing over and over is that the highly common ETA movements (and their Sellita and other 3rd-party copies) which in total are installed into hundreds of thousands of watches every year, proscribe certain layouts and inherently have certain features and limitations – as well as flexibility.Still, the standard date display leaves us with an aperture at either 3, or 6 o'clock on the dial.However, the white date on the Submariner works, one could argue, because of the overall black and white design, with the white indices and hands on a black dial – if there were no other white elements on the dial, for instance, the white date window would be just as distracting as it is on any other watch.It also has to be said that, in the past, when watches were common tools that many people relied on in their daily lives, a little white date window on a black dial was a solution that conveyed useful information legibly.And because most ETA calibers (and, in fact, the majority of watch movements) were designed ages ago when the average men's wristwatch measured in at some 6-10 millimeters smaller in diameter than today, many watchmakers who produce 42-44mm-wide or larger watches now are forced to fit these relatively small-diameter movements under considerably wider dials.This, in turn, leaves us with date windows positioned oddly close to the center of the dial, cutting indices in half, or just simply appearing to be more of an afterthought than anything else.

But the watch community has every right to demand a higher level of design refinement.Today, some seventy years later, such date windows are ubiquitous, largely unchanged, and there is no sign of them going away any time soon.The watch industry still feels that the general consumer (not necessarily enthusiasts) often demands this complication – and, apparently, retailer testimony and sales data is proof.Some entry-level watch companies (Swiss, Japanese, and even some others) are able to produce reasonably priced watches with matching date wheels.So it can't be that hard – although, beyond black and white, it might start getting more complicated to match the date wheel with other dial colors.

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