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One of his best books is, PAWNS IN THE GAME, written in 1958. One of his most informative books (admittedly by Carr himself as he learned more about the Luciferian conspiracy) was titled, SATAN, PRINCE OF THIS WORLD, which he wrote just before his death in 1959 and was gratefully published posthumously in 1997.

It is a really insightful book which I highly recommend taking the time to read.

Here is an excellent lengthy quote by William Guy Carr, from his book titled, SATAN, PRINCE OF THIS WORLD, in which he outlines some of the goals and methods of the Illuminati to counter everything that God has ordained amongst mankind . The fact that those who direct the Luciferian conspiracy are able to hold this control over people in high places in politics and religion simply confirms the words of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

It illustrates in the clearest possible manner the supernatural characteristics of the conspiracy.

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It proves that supernatural beings, Angels, both Good and Evil, exert a great influence on human beings while we are here on earth undergoing our period of trial. (World Revolutionary Movement), but we do want to make it easy for the man-in-the-street to understand what is going on.

There is much more information available today in 2015 than there was over a half-century ago when Carr authored his books, yet Carr writes with incredible insightful exposure of the Luciferian conspiracy at work to destroy America's churches, families and our very nation itself. to brush aside the evidence of proof even when it has been put before them by men whose lives had proved their honesty and integrity and desire to serve God voluntarily.

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It proves that our human nature, because of the fall of our first parents, inclines more to evil than it does to good, until we are born again spiritually. (This is the purpose behind the United Nations World Health and World Mental Health Organizations, both of which international movements were started by Dr. Where the Commandments of God make perfectly clear what He considers sin, Luciferians and their agents teach the inversion of the Commandments of God. The Luciferian ideology requires regimentation, so that everything can be centralized and made as much alike as possible.

Pike and other High Priests of the Luciferian Creed state: Everything God has made known to be displeasing to Him, is pleasing to Lucifer. Gods plan for creation required everything to be made different. Integration is the most typical example of this theory being put into practice.

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