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Even with longstanding laws regulating sexual morality, the Constitution requires Courts to examine the reasons behind a law.In the gay rights context, such critical reflection has helped us to see that the reasons for banning gay sex or marriage are weak, based more in irrational prejudices than in valid public policy concerns.There still may be good reasons to ban the practice (such as, perhaps, the displacement effect) and no one should be surprised if the Utah decision is overturned on appeal.Yet the decision should force us to ask the question the gay rights cases require of us: do these bans further a valid public policy or are they, like so many other laws regulating sex and marriage, built on fear and misunderstanding of people who make different choices about their intimate relationships?Not only did the Court's opinion have a tinge of racism to it, but anyone who bothered to read the Old Testament will find numerous examples of polygamous marriage: Abraham was married to Sarah, Hagar, and Keturah; Jacob's spouses included Leah, Rachel, Bihah, and Zilpah. Polygamy was an important element of the society in which the Judeo-Christian tradition was born.Of course, none of this is to say that polygamy bans are necessarily unconstitutional.Historically, the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (now the Community of Christ), the second largest denomination in the movement, had an anti-polygamy position and denied officially that Smith had taught or practiced it, since Smith denied his involvement during his church leadership. Was removed from the Quorum due to apostasy May 4, 1839, but readmitted May 25, 1839.Was then excommunicated for apostasy on October 6, 1845. Strang for a time, then started his own LDS Church in Covington, Kentucky.

Indeed, maybe it's time we all reexamined polygamy. The show features what appears to be a genuinely loving plural marriage comprised of consenting adults.In later years he joined the RLDS Church (now Community of Christ) and was a petitioner for RLDS Patriarchate from April 1872 to 13 November 1893. His Church in Covington, Kentucky, which also disintegrated after he introduced spiritual wifery into it.He always denied he and his brother Joseph had ever practiced or taught spiritual wifery or any other form of polygamy 10 Younger brother of Parley P. Was excommunicated for apostasy Aug 20, 1842, but readmitted Jan 20, 1843.Celestial marriage • Spiritual wifery • Polygamy in North America • Timeline of civil marriage in the US • Freedom of religion in the US • Mormon colonies in Mexico • Latter-day Saint settlements in Canada • Short Creek raid • Lost boys • YFZ Ranch • Polygamy czar • Legal status of polygamy According to a consensus of historians, many adherents in the early Latter Day Saint movement practiced plural marriage, a doctrine that states that polygyny is ordained of God.Although the largest denomination in the movement, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, officially abandoned the practice of plural marriage in 1890, a number of churches in the Mormon fundamentalist movement continue to teach and practice it.

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