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Paul Westerberg knew that they weren’t long for this world, and his eyes were already cast ahead to a future solo career.The album only features one song in which all four of the band members play as the rest of the album was filled in by session musicians and various cast-abouts.It makes Sirens of the Ditch the perfect bridge album between his years in the Drive-by Truckers and his building solo career.The album starts off a bit uneasy – are all songs that have vague echoes of the type of music Isbell has been crafting for the entirety of his three-album stint with the Truckers.So I sometimes stay away from reviewing albums like this when they first come out – my opinions are bound to be affected by my unabashed fan-dom.For listeners who are fellow lovers of Isbell and his like that’s not a bad thing necessarily.

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If another person who listens often loves it, they probably will as well.

But for people new to the music, does a die hard fan’s notes on an album really give them insight to the merits of the record?

All of these are wonderful songs that dredge up emotions, foot-tapping and sing-along moments a plenty. In a duet that features his former wife, Shonna Tucker, the song dances along the edge of small-town loneliness and desperation, the narrator urging his listener to see beyond the town limits, to be willing to take chances.

As a potential metaphor for Isbell beginning his solo career, it works magnificently.

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