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The option timer prepends a timerstamp to the line.

Note: this command is a nice way to check which events are generated, to help you when creating notify or File Log entries. Internal: global (Internal) FHZ: FHZ (fhtbuf: 23) FS20: Btn4 (on-old-for-timer) Roll1 (on) Stehlampe (off) FHT: fl (measured-temp: 21.1 (Celsius)) KS300: out1 (T: 2.9 H: 74 W: 2.2 R: 8.2 IR: no) at: at_rollup (Next: ) notify: ntfy_btn4 (active) File Log: avglog (active) With the -r (raw) option output the device definition in a format suitable for inclusion in and fhem.state.

FHZ1000PC to interface FS20 and HMS, CM11 to access X10), and logical devices like FS20 or FHT to digest the messages for a certain device type using this protocol. The different devices are represented through modules which implement certain functions (e.g. Even seemingly integral parts of FHEM like triggers (notify) and timers (at) are implemented this way, giving the possibility to replace/extend this functionality.

FHEM is controlled through readable / ascii commands, which are specified in files (e.g.

Options: is a perl regular expression that must match the whole name of the reading. FHEM might crash if you delete vital readings of a device.

Multiple FHEM commands are separated by semicolon (;).

In order to use semicolon in perl code or shell programs, they have to be escaped by the double semicolon (;;).

With the -r option one can remove a part of an attribute value.

Examples: attr global verbose 3 attr lamp room kitchen attr lamp group lights attr lamp loglevel 6 attr weatherstation event-on-update-reading wind,temperature,humidity attr weatherstation event-on-change-reading israining attr weatherstation event-on-change-reading israining,state attr heating state Format Temp:measured-temp, Valve:actuator attr -a TYPE=SVG room , Svg Room Define a device.

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