Teaching esl and dating in south korea dating graph

I think that was true, but looking back now (after nearly 7 months here) I can say that many things really are different, and would be shocking to most. We can sort of relate to this concept back home, with respecting our elders and all, but I have a good example of how much different it really is: My co-teacher Mr.

Park is a good and experienced teacher, with great English skills.

I guess in some cases the elder teachers are very rude to them too. In Eastern Asia it is customary to bow to people, while it is more customary to shake hands and wave back West.

I am luckily exempted from this rule, as I am seen as a guest, but sometimes I take the role of the youngest one, just to experience the culture as much as possible. The thing that makes this so different, is how you bow, who you bow to, and if you shake hands and bow at the same time or not, are all factors that come into play.

We had a dinner with all of the school faculty to welcome the new teachers.

Because of my increasingly busy schedule I have to do Taekwondo on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, without exception. Some teachers go 'touring' with the soju, offering (and insisting) soju to everyone.

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On the other hand, if you are at the cross walk and you get the go signal, you had better look both ways before stepping into the street, as a red light is treated like a yellow light here. I don't mind having a few drinks here or there, but a good example of this is last night.If you don't notice and they start to fill it themselves, you should 'snatch' it from them, and then pour their drink (seems rude, right?Not at all.) Also there are usually many side dishes that everyone shares that range from raw garlic and hot pepper paste, to anchovies, to kimchi, to lettuce and sesame leaves, to onions (cooked or raw), and the list goes on.There are many cultural differences between the United States and South Korea here, which goes without saying, but I'd like to point out the most significant/interesting ones in this post.When you arrive in a foreign country like this for the first time, it is only natural to expect some culture shock, and I can say that I did..

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