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The picture of the nuclear transsexual conveyed by the literature is that of sustained, nonfluctuating femininity, developmental patterns involving a preference for girls’ games and company, aversion to rough-and-tumble activity in early childhood, later patterns involving a desire to posses a woman’s body, to live in society as a woman, and to attract heterosexual male partners.The nuclear transexuals experience intense disgust and aversion for their penis and deny a history of heterosexual orientation or fetish arousal. Fisk, the shrink at Stanford, who three years previously had told him that he should be supportive, not obstructive, So, my father had asked around for someone else and Stoller had been recommended. Green, writing of and quoting Stoller, said, Sex research published in science journals typically reports extensive samples, assessed by questionnaire, and analyzed statistically. When he stuck to direct observation, leaving behind for a moment any superfluous psychodynamic formulations, he was brilliant.

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Thus, an individual with relatively few sexual encounters may have actually had a high percentage of them wherein that individual allowed penile contact, up to 5/5 = 100% in fact.

Type: Avoidant Pleasure Inactive Number n=15 n=30 n=36 Age 29.9 32.8 34.5 SD 4.2 7.5 9.6 Full time: 4.9 3.1 0.73 Transition: 25 29.7 33.7 (mean age – mean time post transition) Married: 0% 23% 47% Penis “OK” 6.7% 83.3% 33% Fetishistic 6.7% 33.3% 50% Sex w/ female: 0% 33.3% 58% Attraction to females: 0% 33.3% 70% Male toys 16% 46% 50% Male playmates 16% 37% 47% Rorschach sex# 0.7 6.4 5.7 (high score indicates “disturbed” sexuality) F % 70.5 57.8 51.1 (score below 70.0 indicates poor reality testing) MMPI Scales: Pd 61.1 70.4 68.3 (high scores indicate anti-social tendency) Sc 57.7 70.1 68.3 (high scores indicate “odd” thinking and social alienation) The Avoidant group fits Stoller’s profile of the “true” transsexual to a T.

(Addendum 12/24/2011: It appears that there may be one (or two) autogynephilic individual out of the fifteen who also states that she is comfortable with her penis, who was sorted into the “avoidant” group.

The data bears out Blanchard’s typology of exclusive homosexual (non-autogynephilic) vs.

non-homosexual (and thus autogynephilic) transsexual etiologies. (Addendum 2/21/2012: Actually, we use the data to rule out the possibility that etiologically HSTS individuals were in included in the pleasure group.

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